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    Monday 16 July 2018


Voluntary Butler Scheme

Voluntary Butler Scheme

"Infectious and charming, one-man-band Rob Jones is like a mix of Badly Drawn Boy and Brian Wilson's more acid-fried work." - Q

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The Traps

'Ebullient and bittersweet... a sharper, more sophisticated take on Mystery Jets.' (Q Magazine)
'Well, that sounds rather good!' (John Kennedy, XFM)
'The Traps have everything needed to become the band of 2013.' (Glasswerk)

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Nick Harrison, black & white

Nick Harrison

The debut single by London-based songwriter Nick Harrison, ‘First Kiss’ is a smile and a swoon, a flight of butterflies in the tummy, a whirl of emotions translated into sparkling guitars and bright synthesisers and spun out into a perfect three-minute pop song.

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White Light Parade

White Light Parade

When the world lets you down, when your government doesn't speak on your behalf, when your town is all dead ends and dying dreams, there's always music. That's the message of 'House Of Commons', the debut album from White Light Parade ...

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